Wednesday, November 17, 2010


If I could make a t-shirt right now, it would have big bright words "I heart Ciku" on it.

The Ciku fruit looks very much like a Kiwi fruit but that is probably the only thing that the two fruits have in common. The Ciku is a tropical fruit and on the inside, its texture is marvelously thick and sweet. 

I admit that I have not eaten the fruit in years and so, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia when I found out we had a Ciku tree. 

Now the trick to Cikus is to first pick a couple of the biggest ones and to store them with [uncooked] rice for a couple of days until it ripens and becomes soft.

Great gift idea don't you think?

And today, we have another basket full of jambu. 

Best be going now, I have to put the cikus in the rice storage - can't wait for them to ripen!


  1. I am jealous!!! I want Ciku too!!!

    BTW, told the gang bout this blog. Jayne loves it!

  2. Haha! If only I can bring the Ciku back to Perth for you to plant.

    Cool, the gang knows too :)