Thursday, November 18, 2010


I asked my mom whether she keeps track of when it is best to plant certain herbs or veggies and she says that she doesn't. To her, it is all for the fun of it. 

Nature, I believe, in its appreciation gives even more in abundance.

From the beautiful view of the setting sun rays on the trees in the distance as my mom cooks dinner...

... to the animals that visit...

... to the bird that decided to bear its nestling amongst the branches of the lime tree.

And the small but growing bunches of pandan leaves. Pandan, pronounced as "pun-done", is a long green leafed plant which gives a sweet, almost almond-ish scent.

Ma says that pandan can help cure cholesterol-related diseases. She explains first that cholesterol is not only caused by eating meats or fatty foods but also from stress. Ma says to relax and not to worry about the small things at work.

And... to cook a cooling pandan drink. A great summer drink to cool down the body. All you need is a bunch of pandan leaves. Ma usual ties them in a knot and places them in a pot of boiling water. For a touch of sweetness, my mum says to add "bing tang".

In English, we call bing tang "rock sugar". It does kind of look like rocks.

On that note, adieu and rock on!

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