Thursday, November 18, 2010


Our lives seem to be made up of boxes. We wake up in a box called our bedrooms. We then step into the living room, the bathroom, kitchen, dining room - all shaped like boxes. When we go to the office or to the shops, it is like walking from one box to another.

And we have moving boxes, otherwise known as cars. Boxes created to provide a form of shelter/protection. But where do our bodies feel most at comfort?

Personally, I am most at ease when I am outdoors. When I can breathe in fresh air and when I am surrounded by greenery.

That might be the reason why my parents are always in the veggie patch when they get the chance. Why my dad is there with the "cangkul" [garden hoe] early in the morning. Not just so he can gross me out with a container full of earthworms. 

I have heard, however, that worm farms are a great source of fertilisers.

The november rain greets a batch of newly planted corn

If you get the chance, have yourself a coconut drink... fresh. My sister Alice says that the best time to pick coconuts is in the morning. That is when they are at their sweetest.


My mum says that coconut water is good for fevers. It helps to cool down the body. And if a new born baby is "yellow" or jaundice, to bathe the baby in coconut water. Use about five coconuts each time - for about three to four days.

Now there are about six coconuts sitting on the kitchen floor right now. I indulged in one (okay, maybe two) green coconuts yesterday. The juice was sweet and fragrant, the white flesh easy to scrape off with a spoon and it was delicious. Think I will have another one now.

Till next time, happy chillaxing!


  1. What a wonderful blog Monica, and how lovely to see your family and home. Caron

  2. Thanks Caron! As inspired by your blog :)

    I am still fearful of worms tho. haha.

    See you soon Caron.